What is necessary for twin flame reunion from the painful separation


How to reunite with your twin flame after the separation stage?

Your twin flame, also known as “Man of Destiny” to meet beyond time, is a person who shared one soul with you.

When you hear that he(she) is a person of destiny who has a connection from the past lifes, you might want to imagine a romantic love story. However, the twin flame story is not only romantic, but in reality it can be a story of the ups and downs. It comes as “a separation stage” which is a painful twin flame separation, and as “challenges” which must be tackled with your full power.

Because the reason why you divided the soul from your twin flame is not to romantically foster your love, but because it is necessary for “growth of the soul”. In other words, it is necessary to face “challenges” necessary for the growth of the soul.

And by overcoming the challenges during the separation stage, you can be together with your twin flame again.

*However, we have seen cases where “separation stage” or “challenges” did not come in some twin flame relations, when we listened stories of the twin flame couples or did the past life sessions. “Separation” or “challenges” always occur in the twin flame relationship, but even if you have been experienced in your past life, it may not happen in this life. It is our opinion that the separation seems not to happen in every life that you meet with your twin flame.

In this article, we would like to introduce the challenges that you have to overcome for the reunion.

Reason why the twin flame separation stage is painful

The encounter with your twin flame is such an encounter that you should be attracted to each other intensely and feel something different from other people when you first meet that person.

After that, “farewell” that you can not stay together though you are in love with each other comes. In general, it seems that this farewell often goes into action from men. The one who wants to part and leave is called a runner, and the one who chases after is called a chaser.

You should have a different suffer from that of normal farewell. Because despite you had been waiting for the encounter with your twin flame beyond the life, farewell again comes. With normal romance, even if you love deeply, the feelings will be diminished as time passes and you will be able to turn your feelings to the next romance.

However, when the person is your twin flame, the feeling does not be diminished. Once you meet, you would feel the sign of your twin flame whether you are with or not with him(her) .

Separation from intensely attracted partner. You can not stay with the person, but the strength of your feeling will not change. The separation stage with your twin flame is a really painful period.

How to live the twin flame separation stage

Some of the chasers in the twin flame separation stage we met so far were hard to move due to hard separation. On the other hand, while holding the painfulness of separation, some chasers have accepted the reality and are making efforts to move forward.

Which people have a possibility of being reunited? It is the people who are making efforts to move forward.

Of course, we understand the suffering in the separation stage. But you can not fulfill a reunion forever if you live a sad life. Because the separation stage is a necessary challenges for the growth of your soul.

Therefore, if you entered the separation stage, it is important to face yourself to know “what are the challenges imposed on you” and “what you have to tackle now”.

So, how do you tackle the challenges? We would like to introduce the experiences of the twin flame chaser who actually overcame the challenges of the separation stage and reunited with her twin flame.


The challenges in separation stage

It was a farewell came suddenly after she met her twin flame and confirmed each other’s feelings. A painful separation stage where the two of them were unable to meet and could not even contact began.

She was in the confusion of sudden parting for a while, but one day she noticed a certain thought that was in her heart.

“I make money and keep a poet.”

She did not understand why, but this feeling had always been in her heart for a long time.

“Yes, I have not fulfilled this thought yet. When I become a woman who earns money, I can meet him again. “

She did not understand why, but she felt so.

After having noticed the feeling in her mind she had no hesitation.

After she lost her twin flame, her motivation to live was thin. There was nothing scary for such a woman, and there was no reason not to work on earning.

She got married soon after graduating from university and became a housewife, and she only had part-time experience in her work. She decided to try “to make money” what she had never worked on.

Her actions after such a decision were so fast that she began to work on everything she could do to earn money.

And one day after getting the goal monthly income which was the index of “to make money”, a big emptiness came, “I thought I have made money but I still can not meet him.” It was such a big emptiness that she did not know the meaning of living anymore.

With the feeling that this was the very last chance, she tried sending an email to him.
And for the first time after separation, she was able to contact him. It was a year and a half after their separation.

Actually, while she was working on her task during the separation stage, he was also working on a karmic task related to his past life. And when she last contacted him, he was just about finishing his task.

This real experience also shows that the hard and painful separation stage with your twin flame is the period necessary for each other to work on their tasks.

And ten days from the day she was able to contact him again, the two dramatically reunited and immediately got married.

To those who want to reunite with twin flames

As mentioned above, there is a meaning in separating from your twin flame. And you know the reason for that parting.

Separation from loved one will be hard and painful. However, please face yourself to reunite with your twin flame. And do not just spend your life with sorrow, but please try looking for something you have left behind.

Hints on the challenges imposed to reunite with your twin flame may be asleep in your vague consciousness. Those should be interspersed around you.

And if there is something you think that this is the challenge, act anyway and try it. There may be many reasons you think you can not do it. However, what matters is deciding to “work on”. If you decide to tackle it, you will surely find a way to do it. Please do not give up. Try it.

Your twin flame must have challenged the task just like you do.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルとの辛い分離から復縁するために必要なこと