What are the Twin Flame characteristics? It is recommended to distinguish by sense rather than similarity


When you meet your twin flame, who shared one soul with you in your past life, can you recognize that the person is your twin flame the moment you meet?

We would like to show you the characteristics of the twin flame to identify the person as your twin flame.

*People who are one half the other’s soul are referred to as “Twin Rays”, “Twin Frames”, “Twin Souls”, etc. On this website, we call them as “Twin Flames”.

What is the probability of meeting your twin flame?

What probability do you think you can meet your twin flame in this life?

Not everyone can meet their twin flames.

It is said that there are about 70 past lives per person. However, in 70 times of life ,the lives spent with her(his) twin flame are actually less than 10 in most cases.

Even if you live in the same life time, you may not meet your twin flame if you live in a completely different place. If we think about it in this way, in fact, we can say that the probability of meeting your twin flame in this life is not quite high.

Characteristics of people who meet their twin flames in this life

Luckily, when your twin flame is in this life and programmed to meet you, there are certain tendencies.

  • You do not know the reason, but you have a feeling that “I’m looking for someone” or “I’m missing something for myself” since you were young
  • Even when you date with a man, you always feel that “something is wrong” or “he is not that man”

Are Twin Flames a combination of men and women?

Twin flames do not always meet as a man and a woman, and twin flames could be the same sex. When the souls were split, they shared masculinity and femininity, so even in the case of same sex, one bears masculinity and the other bears femininity.

Therefore, when twin flames meet, they always fall in love.

Also, as one soul repeats the learning of both masculinity and femininity, so when it incarnates, the sex borne by the soul often changes. For example, even if you were often a woman in your past lives, the sex borne by the soul was either male or female while having a female body.


Twin Flame Characteristics

How can you check if the partner you met is your twin flame?

It is said that there are physical similarities such as “Birthdays are close” or “Names or the shape of nails are similar” as ways to distinguish Twin Flames. But these physical similarities do not seem to apply to all Twin Flames.

Therefore, in order to distinguish whether he(she) is your twin flame or not, we recommend to check it with your senses.

1. Men first realize that the woman is the special

When a man sees the appearance of the twin flame woman, he seems to feel that “I found her” or “she is the special for me.”

2. A man approaches the woman

Women do not seem to fall in love the moment she meets her twin flame. An approach from men is first, and one day the love burns like an electric current running through.

3. When the bodies touche, you feel a special sense that you have never felt before

At the moment you hold hands, you feel that the missing piece become in place, or you have the feeling that energy is running around in your body. There are various ways of feeling depending on the person, but it must be a strange experience that has never been experienced before.

It is thought that this is for unconsciously communicating with each other the learnings of the soul during the separated period including the past lives.

4. You feel the presence of your partner even if you are not nearby

Because each other’s subconscious mind is mixed, even if you are alone, it feels like your twin flame is next to you.

This does not mean always remembering your twin flame, but it means that you feel like you are walking together next to your twin flame, even if you are at a distant place.

5. Synchronicities occur frequently.

After encountering your twin flame, a meaningful coincidence called “Synchronicity” occurs frequently.

6. You sometimes feel like your twin flame is yourself

When you are talking, you may feel as if you and your twin flame are united.

We think that this is something that can be felt because it exchanges the learning of each other’s soul in the same way as in No.3.

7. You can be confident that you are unconditionally loved

You do not have to show yourself well, and you will find that you are loved just the way you are.

8. A different sense of satisfaction from previous love experiences

Even when you are away, you can feel that you are filled with the love of your twin flame.

If your partner is not your twin flame?

In the past life readings to check whether the partner was her twin flame, there were many people whose partner was not her twin flame.

When you read this article, you may have dropped your shoulders that your partner may not be your twin flame.

However, we would like to tell you that if you are currently in a partnership relationship, even if your partner is not your twin flame, he(she) is a person necessary for the soul’s growth to meet your twin flame someday.

The partner to spend life together is decided beforehand in each life. Meeting with a partner comes like a reward when you actively and courageously work on your life.

And all that happens in this life is an invaluable experience to meet your twin flame in the future.

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, we recommend to think that now is a preparation period to meet your twin flame. By tackling the tasks given in this life, you can promote the growth of your soul.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルの特徴とは?類似点よりも感覚で見分けるのがおすすめ