All About Twin Flames Based On Real Stories – Encounter, Characteristics, And What Happens During Separation Stage


Difference between Separation Stage and typical relationship breakdown

However, it is not always possible to live a happy married life because there is no separation stage. There are also cases where breakdown that does not reach the separation stage come.

Therefore, in order not to confuse breakdown with the separation stage, we will show the characteristics of the separation stage as below:

During the last life of two souls to be reunited, the separation stage will come.
A karmic soul appears which is at opposite poles to a twin flame.
Spiritual awakening occurs.
You can not see your twin flame at all. You will not be allowed to even contact your twin flame.

Whether spiritual awakening occurs or not will be a point to judge whether it is just a typical relationship breakdown or the twin flame separation stage.

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What happens during the Separation Stage

Symbolic situations that occur in the separation stage are trials and spiritual awakening.

What is the task during the Separation Stage?

During the separation stage, trials come for the growth of the soul.

It is said that in the twin flame trial, you and your twin flame vent emotions each other and circumstances that shook you would happen. However, since the tasks necessary for each soul are prepared, it is not necessarily a trial to collide each other.

However, it seems that there is no doubt that the twin flame trial is such a hard trial as to be going to die.

When you hear the word “Twin Flames”, you may imagine a romantic relationship with a person who is destined to meet beyond time.
However, in the trial of the separation stage, a pretty hard circumstances await.

Therefore, in order to be united with your twin flame, it is very important to organize yourselves.

What is Twin Flame spiritual awakening?

When you hear the word “spiritual awakening”, you may imagine that you can do spiritual reading or you become able to hear the voice of God, and may think “Will I be a medium or something?”

What kind of spiritual awakening will occur depends on the person. For example, you may be able to sense your twin flame who is not with you, or memories of your past life with your twin flame pop into your head.

During the separation stage, you have to overcome the trials necessary to reunite with your twin flames, but this spiritual awakening will help you go through the trials.

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What actually happened during the Separation Stage

Here, we would like to introduce the circumstances that occurred during the separation stage actually experienced by Koto, the information source of this article.

Ten days after Koto and her twin flame made sure of respective love, a separation with him came. It was too sudden and she could not resist it.

Since they entered the separation stage, she lost contact with him. Even though she sometimes saw him in the town, she could not even talk to. She lived with the suffering of parting and looked as if she seemed to fade away.

One day, when she was reading a book with drinking coffee at a cafe, a picture of a man and a woman who had never met suddenly popped into her head. She understood in a moment that this woman was her in the past life and the man was her twin flame in the past life.

This was the beginning of Koto’s spiritual awakening.

From then on, the past lives with him was recalled on a daily basis. At the same time, she became able to feel him who could not be with her.

After her spiritual awakening, she thought “How do I live from now?”, and she noticed a certain thought in her mind.

“I make money and keep a poet.”

You may think it something crazy, but this thought was the feeling that Koto had in her mind vaguely from her younger age. And, thinking “if I live at all, I’ll live by doing what I haven’t done before”, Koto suddenly began to move toward becoming “a woman who earns”.

“When I achieve this goal, I will reunite with my twin flame.”

She did not know why, but she felt like that.

After that, she began to head towards the goal with a lot of energy. There were several difficulties in achieving that goal. However, with perfect timing that can not be explained by the word “nice timing”, circumstances to overcome those difficulties came to her.

Various hardships such as money, relationships awaited her. But every time she overcame those problems, Koto had made her mature.

And finally, Koto became “a woman who earns”. However, the reunion with her twin flame did not come.

One day, Koto felt “I don’t think I can do it anymore”, and in the end she gathered up the courage to send him an e-mail. For the first time in a year and a half, a reply from him finally got to her.

Then, Koto reunited with her twin flame, and the next day they met again, they married.

Can you marry your Twin Flame?

It is a miracle to encounter with your twin flames in this life. Among them, there are couples who live peacefully without the separation stage, or others have experienced separation without reaching the separation stage.

In the case of twin flames who could get married without the separation stage, that marriage does not mean twin flame integration. They will be separated again in the afterlife and will continue to grow the soul until the day of reunion.

In the last life to live in a different body with your twin flame the separation stage comes.
It can be said that there are few twin flame couples who go through the trials and get married after the separation stage.

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To reunite with your Twin Flame

If you are not in touch with your twin flame and are in a painful situation, you can not meet again just by waiting for “The day you can meet again”.

The separation stage exists not just to separate you from your twin flame, but it exists for each soul to grow. Therefore, it is important to find trials of the separation stage and do everything you can do. Your soul should know “What your tasks are”.

Is there anything that you do not know why but think “I have to try this once” or “I’d like to try it” and you have not yet get started?

The separation stage may be painful enough to break your heart, but just move forward looking forward to the day of reunion.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルを実体験を元に全解説! 出会い、特徴、辛いサイレント期間に何が起きるのか