All About Twin Flames Based On Real Stories – Encounter, Characteristics, And What Happens During Separation Stage


There are a lot of information about twin flames on the market now, but we feel that there is not much information based on the real experiences.

Here we would like to explain Twin Flames based on a twin flame couple story who went through their difficulty during the separation stage and finally got married.

We will introduce everything about Twin Flames, not only about the encounter and characteristics with Twin Flames, but also about the trials during the separation stage and spiritual awakening that remain unexplained.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a person who is your destiny spiritually.

Thousands of years before you were born, your soul split into two for the growth of your soul. In other words, you live with half of the original soul. The one who has the other half of the soul is your twin flame.

From the moment when the soul split into two, you and your twin flame are in different bodies and are walking along the path of each soul. And now, you continue to grow your soul in order for the two split souls to unite again someday.

In the process of growth, you may live a completely different era from your twin flames, or you live in the same era and meet again. However, the way the souls are united is long, and you live your life necessary for the growth of the souls by repeating reunion and separation.

Because of that, not everyone can meet their twin flame in this life. It is said that you have about 70 past lives, and you do not have 10 lives to meet your twin flames. The probability of meeting your twin flame in this life is considered not so high.

Twin Flames referred to as Twin Rays, Twin Souls, Soul Mates, One piece of Soul, but at this web site, we call the one who is one and only existence with half of our soul a Twin Flame.

Reason why the soul split into two

Each person has a different reason why the soul is split into two. But whatever the reason, all the souls are split into two for their growth.

The souls do not want them to split into two. After the last life in which the soul was one, in the place called intermediate life it is split into two by three light balls.

When the soul is one , everyone lives as a perfect person without a sense of lack. However, because there is no sense of lack, they live a life where every day is boring and can not feel happiness.

So, by splitting the soul into two, you get a sense of lack and you grow your soul until you gain the ability to feel happiness from the heart while overcoming various trials.

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Characteristics of Twin Flames

As characteristics of Twin Flames, it is said that birthdays are close, nail shapes are similar, or names are similar, but the twin flame couples that we had met were not necessarily applicable to those characteristics.

Rather, it can be said that the sensuous things are more characteristic than the above appearances.

Because your twin flame is a special existence to your soul, characteristics different from general romantic relationships can be seen.

・Develop into a romance
It seems that it is often a combination of male and female, but there are cases of same sex. In the case where Twin Flame appraisal or past life appraisal was done so far, in each case they felt special affection for the person and developed into romantic love.

・Be intensely attracted
Because that person is a partner with the same original soul, once you meet, it is hard to stay away and you will be drawn intensely.

・Feel secure that all of yourself is accepted
There is no feeling of anxiety inherent in romance, such as “I might be disliked”. You can feel the security that any yourself is loved.

・Not lonely
Even if you are away, somehow you feel like being together with your twin flame all the time. Therefore, even though you may think “I want to see you”, you will not feel a lack of feeling like “I miss you”.

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Characteristics of  Twin Flame Encounter

One big characteristic when encountering your twin flame is that a man first realize that the woman is a special existence. In most cases, there are approaches from men first, and women gradually have special feelings to men.

It is also a big characteristic that men find women with their faces.

The beauty of appearance does not matter. Therefore, when a woman ask her twin flame “Where do you like me?”, her twin flame tends to answer “your face” immediately.

But, it is not limited to twin flames that men find the partner with “a face”. It seems that the same thing happens in the case of the Soulmates who have a connection from the past life and are to meet in this life.

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What is Twin Flame Separation Stage

Sudden parting called Separation Stage may come to the twin flame relationships.

This separation is characterized by the fact that men generally leave the women and can not contact. So, a man is called as a runner and a woman is called as a chaser.

The reason for the separation period comes from the lack of soul growth to spend with your twin flames. The specific reasons for the separation period differ in each case, but it seems that there are many cases where reunions are reached by clearing some tasks.

It is considered that twin flames always go through the separation stage, but in fact it is known that there are twin flame couples who do not experience the separation stage.

When we follow the past life of twin flame couples who had reunited after the separation stage in this life, there were time when there were no separation stage and lived as couples peacefully.

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