Twin Flames – How does the separation stage come to an end?


Your twin flame is the missing half of your soul. Even if you finally meet your twin flame in this life, you and your twin flame would have a parting period called the separation stage.

Because he who you feel special love leave you, your damage caused by the parting would be heavy.

Why can’t you be together even though you love each other?

That is because the separation stage has an important meaning for twin flame couples.

What is the separation stage?

The separation stage is the stage called “Runner Stage”, the fourth of the seven stages that twin flames experience.

It is a period in which you and your twin flame are given tasks that must be cleared in this life.

In order to face this task, one runs away and leaves the other. Therefore, the one who runs away is called a runner, and the one who chases is called a chaser.

Runners are often male, and twin flames suddenly become unable to meet or lose contact.

This period of separation is called the separation stage.

Some twin flame couples do not experience the separation stage

It does not mean that twin flame couples will necessarily have the separation stage. There is also couples who can spend happiness without having the separation stage.

However, separation from twin flames does not always seem to be the separation stage.

Whether a person who has experienced a farewell with her(his) twin flame is on the separation stage can be known by the signs that occur only on the separation stage.


Signs of the separation stage

When we did a past life readings of twin flame couples before, we found that they experienced several farewells in their past lives, but there was a clear difference between the separation stage and the another separation.

On the separation stage, the Chaser experiences the following:

Spiritual awakening occurs
The Chaser can not contact her(his) twin flame at all. They will not be allowed to meet.

They spend the same time in several past lives, but these two situations have happened only once.

The separation stage seems to come when the final life with twin flames, that is, the final stage of the soul’s growth.

What happens during the separation stage?

The separation stage is a hard and painful period apart from your twin flame, but it is also a strange period in which you always feel close to the love of your twin flame who can not be together, and have a sense of being filled.

Three things happen in the separation stage.


The reason for entering the separation stage is to grow further towards the reunion of the souls.

The trials for the growth of the soul seems to be hard things that can not be overcome without fully facing yourself and tackling over all of your own.

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Spiritual awakening

When you hear the word spiritual awakening, you may have the image of becoming a psychic. However, the spiritual awakening that occurs in the separation stage includes the activation of subconscious as well as the flowering of psychic ability.

The trials of tackling during the separation stage can not be overcome without activating subconscious.

Therefore, it may be necessary for spiritual awakening to occur in the separation stage.

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Meeting with soul mates

As you work through the separation stage trials and your soul grows, you will meet more and more with your soul mates.

How to spend the separation stage

The separation stage, which comes to grow your soul. During this time, if you can not live here and now by losing your mind only to the runner and being tied to the past spent together with him, you will miss the opportunity to grow your soul.

  • Face to your inner side
  • Leave another person’s point of view and live your own life
  • Live now, not in the past or in the future

It is important to live while being aware of the above.

You may come up with challenges that you may want to run away with, but if you can live on your own, you should be able to get over it.

While overcoming the challenges, we will open up our life on our own.

This is a very important point for how to spend the separation stage.


When will the separation stage end?

The separation stage ends when not only you, but also the runner finish his trials.

Concretely, it is to finish the tasks with a fateful soul who has faced your growth many times in the past lives, and to clear the tasks imposed in this life.

The length of the separation stage depends on the person. Some people have a long period of more than 10 years, and some couples go through the separation stage in a short period of about a year.

And when the separation stage is over, the reunion with the runner is waiting.

Signs of the end of the separation stage

In the case of chaser’s woman who actually overcame the tasks of the separation stage, she said she saw the angel numbers with a strong impact after a while after overcoming her tasks.

The angel number is “111”.

And soon after she saw 111, she was able to contact her twin flame and reunited.

The angel number “111” is the one that the chaser saw immediately after the separation stage began. Therefore, it may be said that “111” is a number closely related to the separation stage.

If you’re on the separation stage and you’ve overcome the tasks, but have not reunited with your twin flame, the angel number may tell you the end of the separation stage.

Separation stage is time for soul growth

We understand it is very painful for you to separate from your twin flame, who is special to you.

But please think of the separation stage as the time given to you and your twin flame for the growth of your soul.

Everything that happens on the separation stage makes your soul grow. How about thinking like that?

In order to finish the separation stage and meet your twin flame again, it is important to face yourself and overcome the tasks in front of you one by one.

Japanese original text:【ツインソウル】サイレント期間をどんな風に過ごせば終わりが来るの?