What is awakening in a twin flame journey | Why happen, When and How?


What is awakening in a twin flame journey | Why happen, When and How?

The events that occur with your twin flame are closely related to the growth of the soul. Therefore, after encountering your twin flame, spiritual awakening necessary for the growth of the soul may occur.

Many of the people who experienced encounters with their twin flame seem to be puzzled and feel anxious by the spiritual awakening which is a mysterious experience that they have never experienced before.

However, awakening has an important role that is essential for reunion with twin flames. In order to make positive use of what is brought about by awakening, it is important to eliminate anxiety.

A better understanding of the awakening that occurs in the twin flame experience, such as why you wake up in the twin flame experience and what state will you be in, will help eliminate your anxiety.

What is the twin flame spiritual awakening?

What happens to you when you spiritually wake up?

The spirit is a power that beyond human understanding.

In other words, spiritual awakening refers to the awakening of immense power in human intelligence (human wisdom or intelligence).

“What is twin flame spiritual awakening? Five circumstances actually happened”

When you hear the word “spiritual awakening”, you may have a question of becoming a psychic, such as seeing invisible beings or hearing a message from God.

However, the spiritual awakening that occurs in the twin flame experience is not limited to psychic ability, but includes subconscious activation.

When is the beginning of awakening?

Awakening does not occur when you meet your twin flame in this life. After the separation that suddenly comes after encountering, it starts during the separation stage.

We suppose that the impact of separation with twin flames would trigger the blossoming of the ability hidden in subconscious.

And awakening in the separation stage has important meaning.

In the separation stage, we have to overcome the hard trials necessary for the growth of the soul. In order to go through these, spiritual awakening is necessary. Because there comes such a trial that you can not get a solution no matter how much you think.


Sometimes you may not wake up

There are also cases where you do not experience spiritual awakening after separation with your twin flame.

In such a case, it is considered that the separation have not entered the separation stage that occurs just before the soul reunion.

Because, we have repeated encounters and partings with our twin flames in past lives, but spiritual awakening occurs only once just before the reunion.

Therefore, people who have separated with twin flames but are not in a state of awakening may not be in the stage of reunion yet.

What is your state after waking up?

The state of spiritual awakening can be roughly divided into two.

One is the blossoming of psychic ability, and the other is the activation of subconscious.

Examples of blossoming of psychic ability

  • You come to remember the past lives with your twin flame
  • You come to feel the spiritual existence of your twin flame
  • Your sixth sense blossoms and you come to feel spiritual things

Examples of subconscious activation

  • Your consciousness become clear and expanding
  • The flow of destiny happens

About what happens specifically, we have introduced with examples in an article “What is twin flame spiritual awakening? Five circumstances actually happened

The examples of awakening presented here are based on a woman’s experiences who went through the separation stage with her twin flame.

Besides these, there are various signs of spiritual awakening depending on the person, such as the strange feeling that energy is exchanged with the person’s twin flame.

Overcome the trials by spiritual awakening

The content of trials varies depending on the person, but the ability to cope with trials, the necessary wisdom, the arrangement of the universe(law of attraction), etc. are brought about by spiritual awakening.

For example, the followings occur.

  • By activating the subconscious, you won’t get lost in your action
  • You can get information that could not be obtained without awakening
  • An unthinkable attraction happens to you

Awakening is essential to overcome the trials, but awakening alone can not overcome those. It is very important to act in reality as well as things brought about by awakening.

You may have been working on to achieve growth in the spiritual world for reunion with your twin flame.

However, even if you only work on raising spirituality during the separation stage, you can not overcome the trials. Because those are happening in front of you as a matter of reality.

Reality is what is happening outside of you, not inside.

The real problems are solved by acting on your own body. Therefore, we can overcome the trials only with spiritual growth and action.

The story of a woman who actually went through the separation stage is introduced in an article “Awakening during the twin flame journey – It is to tackle the task of the soul“. She also did a lot of work to overcome the trials.

If you are in the separation stage now, try acting with full use of what comes from awakening.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルの覚醒とは|いつ?どんな症状で、なぜ起きるのか?