Awakening during the twin flame journey – It is to tackle the task of the soul


Reunion with the twin flame after going through the task

By the time Koto went through the task, a year and a half had passed since the sudden separation from her twin flame.

She had been working on without taking a break until then, but on such a day, the fact that she accomplished the task of “to become a woman to earn” but she “still could not meet him” weighed heavily on her mind.

“Are all things what I did all my best meaningless at all?”

When such thought came across her head, her mind and body instantly began to feel a tiredness.

“I cannot do it anymore.”

Koto’s mind and body were completely exhausted.

Then, the disorder of her body felt before her feeling was mutual with him was reviving to her. And Koto decided to contact him only once more at the end.

“I’m sure he’ll answer if I’m really not good. He did so before. I think I’m really bad now.”

Her heart was about to explode while writing a short message. “What if it was a lie. What if I misunderstand.” “But my body has always said that he is it.” She sent an e-mail while crying.

It was on the next day that she received a reply from him. “At that time, I understood that this was really bad,” he later told her.

The moment she received an email from him, Koto was convinced that the flow of life would “move again”.

And ten days after she got in touch with him again, Koto finally reunited with him she had been waiting for.

When she found his figure in a crowd for the first time in a long while, she seemed to lose her tension, surrounded by unspeakable feeling of relief.

“No matter what happens, we will never leave.”

And the two married the next day after the reunion.


Spiritual awakening has given the power to deal with real-world difficulties

Tackling the task of the soul may recall the growth in the inner world of the spirit world. In fact, however, it is to confront the problem which is occurring outside of yourselves as “reality”, using the body, and spiritual awakening has given you the power to deal with such problems of reality.

In the case of Koto, the chance to tackle “to make money and keep a poet” that was a task of the soul, the energy, and the necessary wisdom for that were all obtained because there was a spiritual awakening.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルで覚醒が起きる意味とは、魂の課題に取り組むため