Awakening during the twin flame journey – It is to tackle the task of the soul


The meaning of twin flame spiritual awakening

There is an important meaning to the spiritual awakening that occurs during twin flame journey.
It is to become a pure state to tackle the task of the soul.

When you hear the word “spiritual awakening” you might think that you will become a spiritual ability person, such as becoming able to see invisible existences or being able to hear messages from God.

Something called spirit ability would be awakened in some cases. But if you say that the awakening of spiritual ability is equal to the spiritual awakening of Twin Flames, it will be a bit different.

In the spiritual awakening of Twin Flames, two things happen: opening a feeling beyond the five senses of the body, and activating subconsciousness that you do not normally recognize. And you can enter “pure state where you can concentrate on things”.

Separation Stage – It was the beginning of spiritual awakening

One day on the tenth day after a woman named Koto confirmed her love with her twin flame, she fell into a situation where she could not get in touch with him suddenly. She was completely out of communication with him.

Koto realized that she should not go to see him. Because she was vaguely aware of the reason he left her.

She knew that he went away to protect Koto. She knew that this was why he did not see her and that he would be determined firmly not to even contact her.

The calm and happy time that she had never had before became a past thing in a moment.

Koto despaired this unexpected farewell. No matter how much she cry, she could not see him any more. But strangely, although she was in such despair, the sense of happiness felt by meeting him was always filling her heart and body.

Koto spent the separation stage in a strange state that an absolute sense of happiness coexisted at the same time while feeling hopelessness.

It was a small town where Koto and he lived. Every time she saw him as he passed by car, she felt torn her heart. She was uncertain and felt a feeling that she did not known whether she was dead or alive.

His word “You are the one I promised in a past life” had crossed her head many times. And Koto caught up with that word and received the hypnotherapy called past life regression for the first time in her life.

In hypnotherapy, she remembered the past life spent with him. It was about on a day she was gradually returning to everyday life while accepting the content of hypnotherapy with doubtfully. Koto went to a coffee shop for a change. she opened a book to read while drinking coffee. When she focused on reading books, a foreign woman with long hair who had never met before came up suddenly to her mind and the feelings of that woman overflowed like hers.

Then, a story of that unfamiliar woman flowed out in her head with images.

It was a strange experience like watching a movie in the head.

It was the beginning of spiritual awakening.

Koto felt intuitively that the story of the woman that suddenly started is her past life. And when the woman’s partner appeared in the story, Koto also felt intuitively that the woman’s partner was Koto’s partner who could not contact with.

Before she knew it, tears keep shedding from her eyes. When she noticed that she was crying, Koto hid her face with the book and she quickly went out of the cafe.

The memory of the past lives are stocked in subconsciousness. With the awakening due to entering the separation stage with her twin flame, the cover of her subconsciousness that had been closed was opened, and the memories of her previous lives were recognized one after another.

And what happened to her as a result of opening the cover of subconsciousness was not just about the remembrance of the past lives.

To “Knowing State” by spiritual awakening

Koto did not know the reason, but there was a sense of “I’m looking for someone” in her heart from childhood. She has understood that it was because she knew unconsciously that she would meet her twin flame who was another half piece of the soul someday.

A vague loneliness always in Koto’s heart. Actually it was a loneliness without her twin flame.

And finally she met her twin flame and “finding the man she was looking for” buried the loneliness she had for many years. As a result, during the separation stage, she felt a sense of despair not meeting him and a feeling of happiness meeting her real partner at the same time.

This feeling of happiness and perfection due to encountered the missing part of soul made her break through the various fears she had felt. And after that, Koto became able to affirm herself powerfully.

In addition to this absolute self-confidence, the opening of the cover of her subconsciousness made various information outside of the world that she recognized so far come into her consciousness.

As a result of this, she became in a state of “knowing” that there was no hesitation to make her own decisions and that although there was no basis this was it.


To overcome the task of the soul

Koto was increasingly confident that he was her twin flame every time she reached the memories of the past life she spent with him.

She “knew” that if he was her twin flame, this separation was the separation stage and that she had to deal with something to reunite with him.

When she realized that, Koto noticed “one thought” that had always been in her mind.

“I make money and keep a poet.”

She did not know why or from when, but she kept on thinking that she would become a woman who earn money someday and keep a poet.

She did not understand the reason. She was never obsessed with money nor was never addicted to work. “Why do I think like so?” She talked to her friends and laughed.

Nevertheless Koto decided “I become a woman who earn anyhow”. Despite having never earned enough money to say that she earned even once in her life.

She did not know why, but she felt she could reunite with him if she could achieve it.

And Koto believed that the day they could be with again and she immediately moved to action.

The word “you are the one promised in the past life” he left. And memories of many past lives with him overflowing from her subconsciousness.

Koto sensed that the word “past life” was an important keyword. She decided to study hypnotherapy which reminded her of the memories of the past lives with him. To be qualified as a hypnotherapist, it was not easy for Koto at that time, including monetary things. Still Koto had no other choice. She had no doubts about her decision.

And strangely, as Koto moved to action to become a woman able to earn, even what was expected to be physically impossible came to realize one after another if she decided “to do”. Money, meeting people, timing. Koto felt that “destiny boosts us” in every aspect.

In this way she fully used everything her own and focused on things before her. She continued working right along, and at last she achieved the task of “becoming a woman to earn money”.

As above, the awakening that occurred during the separation stage made her possible to concentrate on the task of the soul that Koto had to deal with in this life.

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