When you meet your twin flame, do you get the electric feeling?


When you meet your twin flame who is your destiny, “Do you get the electric feeling?”

It is often said that you get the electric feeling at the moment when you meet your destiny. When you encounter your twin flame, do you feel a special feeling such as “You are different from others”, “I feel like I’m sure to be with you” or “I love you at first sight” and really get the electric feeling?

You may imagine that when you meet your twin flame, you feel something unusual at first sight, and that you understand that the person is your twin flame.

However, in fact, it seems that dramatic development such as getting electric feeling does not necessarily occur.

Now we would like to introduce a story of a woman named Koto when she met her twin flame.

The first encounter with her twin flame was not such a special

One day when the heat was getting let up, Koto was headed for a house by car. At that time, she was doing volunteer work on a cat’s contraceptive operation and was supposed to keep a cat at the request. When she arrived at her destination and got off the car, she headed to the entranceway thinking about the cat she would face that day.

A man was standing at the entrance.

He had a slim body shape and his back was slightly bent. A dark arms appeared from the cuff of his short sleeve shirt. When she saw him, she was nervous for a second. “He looks like my dad. Scary…”

This man who looked like her father was her twin flame who shocked enough to overturn Koto ‘s life later.

On that day she did not notice that he shared the same soul with her. Without any interest in him, she kept a cat, and left the house with few words.

On the other hand, he felt “I found it” when Koto’s entire silhouette entered his sight. But his intuition was not like getting the electric feeling, but it was more quiet, like a candle lighting a fire.

Although he got no electric feeling, he felt something special to Koto. Without a reason, the thought “I think she is the one” came to his mind.

In the twin flame theory, it is said that men find women. And the encounter between Koto and him was exactly as well.

For a while after they met, there was no romantic feeling between them, and then he came to think of Koto while he met her several times.

Since then, he began to take care of Koto.

“Have you never tried it, have you?” he cooked for her or took up the hem on her trousers.

Koto was not good at having others do something for her, but for some reason she was able to receive thankfully for what he had given out. For Koto he was a man who can entrust herself naturally.

While keeping such a relationship, she had come to love him.

And they loved each other.

At the time they were dating, it was not a burning passionate love, but rather calm and peaceful and ordinary love.

In such a relationship, there was only one sense that she had never felt with other men than him.

It was a “sense of the uterus”.

After they separated each other, she felt the sense of the uterus which became stronger day by day, and she noticed, “My uterus was a state of death.” Until then, she experienced romance several times and also experienced marriage, but the uterus at that time was not alive. She met with him and got the feeling that the “my uterus awoke”.

This was the very special feeling only to him.


After entering the separation stage, she realized that he was her twin flame

Ten days after she confirmed each other’s feelings with him, she suddenly could not get in touch with him.

It was the beginning of the separation period, forced to separate from her twin flame.

Koto who did not know about twin flames yet at that time had no way of knowing that parting was the twin flame separation stage. But she knew what was going on was something extraordinary.

Then depending on the word “You are the one I promised in the past life” he left behind, she investigated everything with a desperate feeling like clutching even at straws, and finally Koto knew the existence of “Twin Flames”.

Everything introduced in the book written about twin flames had applied to her experiences.

“He might be my twin flame …”

It was when she began to recall the memories of her past life with him that burst out suddenly that her doubt turned into conviction.

The uterus knows that he is her twin flame

As mentioned above, it is hard to say that you get the electric feeling when you meet your twin flame who is your destiny, but men seem to feel something special on you.

And although women may not get the electric feeling, we consider that the uterus will react by touching her twin flame.

The subconsciousness and the uterus have a strong connection, that is, the soul is connected to the uterus. And we think that the uterus has memories of the past lives and will react to search for the person you need.

The uterus remembered the promise with her twin flame.
So it was probably that the uterus of Koto that had been sleeping until then woke up and taught her that he was the one.

After waking up, just talking to a man other than her twin flame, the uterus of Koto continued to insist that “this is not! No, no! He is!”

Also, during the separation stage, she thought about giving up on him anymore, and she tried to turn consciousness to other men. But even at that time her uterus reacted “He is not! He is not!”

If you do not get the electric feeling at the moment when you meet your partner, and if you feel that your partner might not your destiny, it may be good to ask your uterus. When you touch him, turn your consciousness to your uterus and feel that sense.

What is your uterus saying?

Japanese original text:運命の人、ツインソウルと出会ったら、ビビッと来るの?