When and how can we reunite with our Twin Flames? What happens after reunion?


A twin flame, the other half who split one soul with you long long time ago.

We continue to grow to reunite with our twin flames from the day when souls were split into two to today.

When will we reunite with our twin flames? How?

What will happen after reunion?

We would like to explain such questions.

What is reunion with your twin flame?

When you hear that the two souls are reunited, you may have an image that the souls come together and become one.

However, it is physically impossible on this earth that the souls become completely one even though each soul is in the body.

The twin flame reunion is a state where two subconscious minds are mixed and the learning acquired by each soul becomes one.

For example, it is in the state of sharing unconsciously the learning acquired in the past life which did not spend together.

Meaning that the souls reunite

In order to know what it means that the soul is reunited, it is first necessary to know about the growth of the soul.

The reason for the soul to live as a human being is that there is a learning that can only be obtained from human beings, which can grow the soul.

However, if the soul is one, it can not learn that it can be obtained as a human being, so the soul was split into two.

The two split souls have separate bodies, and continue to grow as the souls reincarnates over and over again. And by reuniting the souls, it can unite the learning souls have gained.

By combining each learning, the soul supports the last growth as a human being.

We suppose this is the meaning of twin soul reunion.

Beginning of the reunion

Because, the separation stage comes in the last growth stage of soul as a human being, and it can be reunited with twin flames by overcoming the trials during the separation stage.

In other words, entering the separation stage means that the way of reunion with twin flames has been opened.

Therefore, how you spend the separation stage determines whether you can reunite with your twin flame in the life.


Difference between people who can and cannot reunite after twin flame separation stage

Not all of the people who experienced farewell after meeting their twin flames are on the separation stage.

Furthermore, you can not meet your twin flame again without overcoming the tasks given in this life on the separation stage. In other words, reunion in this life will be carried forward after the next life.

Those who get out of the tasks or try to get over the tasks with only spiritual growth are far less reunited with their twin flames.

It is possible to grow the soul towards reunion by confronting yourself, growing spiritually, and acting on the tasks.

And, after going through the tasks of the soul in this life, the reunion with your twin flame is awaited.

Are there any omens or signs of reunion?

It seems that the souls are not soon reunited even the two go through the tasks.

You will not be able to contact the runner on the separation stage, but you will receive a sign such as “Contact the runner” when it is time for reunion.

The sign seems to come in different ways depending on the person, such as getting to see “111” well, or occuring an inspiration.

The omens or signs of reunion are that, if you are in the immediate state of reunion, you will naturally know that the timing has come.

What happens after reunion?

As you reunite with your twin flame after the separation stage and begin to share the time of life, you will feel as if your subconscious minds are gradually mixed with your twin flame.

Each will begin to share the memory of the subconscious, while having an explicit awareness individually.

When they start sharing their subconscious memories, their learning becomes doubled, so their ability to live becomes doubled as well. Then, there is no fear for the various problems that occur in the real world.

In addition, in the life after reunion, a change of knowing the following three meanings occurs.

・Meaning of partnership

For example, when working on one thing together. The difference between men and women makes it possible to overcome problems while compensating each other.

・Meaning that men and women exist

You will deepen your understanding of the roles of men and women.

Men: In charge of the physical world
Role of giving materials to protect the body.
For example, securing food and housing is one of them.

Women: In charge of the mental world
Role of keeping the mind healthy and bringing peace.
For example, when women laugh, communication between men and women takes place smoothly.

・Meaning to live together

When they are reunited, they gain an experience that they can accomplish things by combining their perspectives and positions while sharing roles. That will help us to understand from the bottom of our mind that we live together to build something over our lives.

What should be done depends on each couple.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルといつ、どうしたら統合できるの?統合後はどうなるの?