When You Meet Your Twin Flame? What the Signs?


When can you meet your twin flame?

Is there a sudden encounter with your twin flame who is a man of destiny who shared one soul with you? Or do you have any signs of encounter with your twin flame?

There is a woman named Koto who met her twin flame in this life and reunited after the separation stage. Based on her experiences, we would like to introduce the precursor of encounter with twin flames.

Hopelessness is the sign she meet her twin flame!?

Koto was under a certain characteristic situation before encounter with her twin flame.

The characteristic situation is “Abyss of Hopelessness”.

Until then, she lived as an ordinary housewife without big success or big failure. However, as a result of a certain incident, life had gradually declined towards worse one. Even under the situation of getting worse and worse, she proceeded to live powerfully. But every time she tried to move forward the path was shut. And finally she lost everything. “I do not know what to do from now on” When she was in such an abyss of hopelessness, she met her twin flame.

As a real experience of the twin flame journey, I would like to introduce you how terrible the situation was when she met her twin flame.

The beginning of a precursor to encounter with her twin flame

She married her boyfriend at the same time she graduated from university. For the reason that the husband could do fishing which was his hobby, the couple moved to a small island.

Koto had a bad relationship with her father from a young age and the marriage had such a meaning as “marriage can reset the circumstances of the family she was born and raised.”
“I want to make my own home warm. I will nurture love that I could not get from my father in my own home.” She thought so.
She did housework as a housewife, and she worked at a part-time job in between household chores. It was such ordinary days. However, such ordinary days drove her into a nervous breakdown little by little.

And one day she noticed the cause of that affliction.

“He resembles my father …”

When she saw her father being irritated, her heart was always nervous and painful. Because of that, she was supposed to have chosen a person who did not resemble her father as a marriage partner. Even so, her husband was always irritated at home just like her father.

She had been re-experiencing her terrible childhood memories in her married life. She was supposed to have chosen a person who did not resemble her father, but in fact she was with a similar person. After noticing that fact, the relationship between the couple went worse and she decided to end the married life which lasted 13 years.

This divorce meant that the new life of Koto had failed. The problem with her father springed up again in her, and she got a terrible damage.

“I do not have to overcome my father anymore, I will live by myself from now on”

Then, she decided to abandon overcoming the problem with her father.

But as she started to keep a distance from the problem with her father, her life got worse and worse. As she knew later, this “problem with her father” was actually a twin flame task given to her in this life.


Abyss of hopelessness which all the possibilities closed

As an animal nurse, she was able to live by herself even after divorce. She had 13 years of career of animal nurse and experience of volunteer work on stray cats. And when she thought “How will I live by myself in the future?”, she decided to leave the island and work on protecting wild animals.

Koto began to work hard to get a job of wildlife conservation. However, every time she took a step, something what she could not do by her own occurred one after another, and she was forced to give up. Finally, the road to wildlife conservation that was a challenge for new life has been shut down.

Just about the same time, an incident which further worsened the situation occurred.

It was a death of a friend who she relied for a long time like a father. Because Koto could not get an affection of her father, she always looked unconsciously for men who can rely on like a father. Due to the death of the friend, she also lost a mental support.

“I do not know what to do anymore”

The loss of everything left a vacuum in her heart, and she did not know how to recover. At this time, Koto was exactly in an abyss of hopelessness.

Encounter with her twin flame

One day she met a man at a house she visited as a volunteer. His first impression was not very good. Because his appearance was similar to her father. However, after a half-year relationship as a friend, she suddenly fell in love.

The moment she first held hands with him, she caught strange feeling like all the pieces fit together. The man was the twin flame who she shared one soul with thousands of years ago.

What is the precursor with her twin flame?

The series of her experiences was as follows.

She gave up on her task.

→ Her life started to tilt towards the worse, and whatever she did did not go well.

→ She lost everything and was in an abyss of hopelessness.

→ She met her twin flame who had everything.

It is known as a general twin flame theory that the precursor to twin flame’s encounter is the most severe situation of life. However, it is not clear at present whether or not the trigger to get into the worst situation of life is necessarily to give up on the task of life.

However, in her case, it was no doubt that giving up the task of life had triggered towards the bottom of life.

By meeting her twin flame, the relationship with her father which was the task of life was settled in her. And she was able to realize that she actually deeply loved her father who she had hated so much.

In order to overcome the task of life in this life, she needed meeting with her twin flame.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルと出会う時期、前兆とは?