What is twin flame spiritual awakening? Five circumstances actually happened


What is spiritual awakening in a twin flame journey?

It is said that spiritual awakening occurs when you meet your twin flame. But what does spiritual awakening mean?

Spirit is “a power beyond human knowledge”.

In other words, spiritual awakening is the waking up of immeasurable power in human knowledge (human wisdom and intelligence).

When you hear the word “spiritual awakening”, you may imagine the spiritual ability to see something invisible such as a ghost. However, spiritual awakening after meeting your twin flame is not limited to the spiritual ability. In the twin flame experience of a woman named Koto, the following two types of spiritual awakening occurred.

One thing was that the sense of exceeding the five senses that can be felt using the body was opened, and the sense power was increased. It was the blooming of spiritual abilities such as becoming visible like the one described above. And the other was activation of subconsciousness which was consciousness not recognized by yourself.

So, when do these spiritual awakenings begin?

Beginning of Twin Flame’s spiritual awakening

Both spiritual awakenings began at the same time as a hard parting with her twin flame arrived and entered the separation period.

In other words, spiritual awakening does not start just by meeting your twin flame.

Now we explain what specific circumstances happened as spiritual awakening began.

Remembered the past life with her twin flame

She and her twin flame have been living a number of lives together so far. A phenomenon occurred that several past life was remembered one after another.

When she was reading a book at a cafe, the image of the memories of the past life spent with her twin flame suddenly began to flow to her mind. When she concentrated on something, her memory of the past life overflowed without intention.

Came to feel the spiritual existence of her twin flame

During the separation period she was unable to meet or talk with him, but for some reason she always felt the presence of twin that could not be next to. Even more strangely, when she put her hands in the pocket of clothes, she felt the feeling of being held a hand by him.

Later it was discovered by spiritual vision that her twin flame was always on the right side of Koto.

We consider that this is because once you meet with your twin flame, each other’s spiritual energy always stays together.

Began to sense something invisible

She came to sense various invisible existence such as God, dragon, spirit and so on.

*However, Koto was thought to be strong in sensing invisible existence as her original potential ability. Therefore, spiritual awakening in the twin flame experience does not necessarily mean that you can see the invisible existence.


Consciousness expanded

Koto expressed it as “a near-death experience.”

In a near-death experience just before the death, it is said that the soul goes to the spirit world. And in the spirit world, it seems that consciousness exists in several worlds simultaneously, such as looking back on the life you have spent, experiencing the past life and going to the light world called intermediate life. There is a mysterious feeling that consciousness exists simultaneously here and there while the body is “here”.

The consciousness that happens in this near-death experience has been expanded.

Consciousness spread out of her body to the outside and the head was very clear. Literally “awakening” occurred in consciousness.

A destined flow happened

After having entered the difficult separation period with her twin flame, it happened that what she decided to “do this” came true one after another with a mysterious flow.

Even things that normally do not go well went smoothly. As if she was on a ship of autopilot to the destination, her life flowed out.

It seemed that fate helped the action and prepared the situation so that she could meet with her twin flame who was away and could experience the necessary things to restore.


This is an actual example of spiritual awakening occurring in Koto’s twin flame experience. So, spiritual awakening do not always occur to everyone who has met her (his) twin flame.

However, we consider spiritual awakening and separation period to be a set. If a trial is required for the relation with your twin flame, the separation period should come. And the beginning of the separation period is the start of spiritual awakening. It is speculated that this is because you can not overcome the trial unless spiritual awakening begins and the flowering of the sixth sense and the activation of the subconscious are not made.

When you enter the separation period with your twin flame and spiritual awakening begins, you may feel like a strange feeling that you have never experienced before, and may also experience a magical experience. And you may be confused by what happened to yourself.

But that strange things happen more or less to the person who is in separation period with her (his) twin flame, not happen only to you. Rather than catching the present experience as a delusion or illusion and not making it “not present”, if you stand on the premise that “exists”, your mind will be a little easier.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルの霊的覚醒とは?実際に起きた5つのこと